Finally it feels like spring has arrived!

I will be posting pictures of our yard weekly to show the changes as they occur.

It too wet still to get on the lawn and and rake, but the spots the snow ploughs turned up should be repaired as soon as possible. Once the ground comes back to life, it will be difficult to fix. After this week it will be dry enough to get out and do the yard

A few tips for spring clean up:

  • Return any grass to its original position that may have been turned up by the snow plow. If you catch it early enough, you can avoid having to replace it with sod or seed.
  • Pick up all litter and debris.
  • With a leaf rake, remove all of the sand left behind from the salt trucks.
  • Lightly rake the entire yard with a leaf rake to help the grass stand up. Remove and compost debris.
  • Clean all flower beds of refuse and debris.
  • Edge driveway, walk ways and flower beds while the ground is still soft and the roots are not well established.
  • When the ground is dry enough to “pull a good core”, aerate. Note: aeration is one of the best thing to achieve a healthy lawn.
  • Apply a balanced fertilizer that is at least 50% slow release to help the grass grow but without having to mow every other day.

As mentioned there are a few things that should not be done in the spring:

  • Do not de-thatch the lawn in the early spring. The grass is coming out of hibernation and new tender shoots will be severely damaged and the grass plant will be forced to repair itself before it can grow. If there is a thatch problem it should be addressed in late summer early fall.
  • Do not roll the lawn. Rolling increases compaction which makes it harder for the grass to grow. HOWEVER, should your lawn be riddled with bumps, rolling can be done, but you must aerate twice the same year to reduce the compaction.

With the proper spring start up, the lawn should be easier to maintain for the entire growing season.

Enjoy the weather!!!