This week in review:
Lightly raked the yard
Cleaned out the flower beds
Cut down the ornamental grass
Trimmed the English Ivy
Tried to get permission (again) to fix the swamp … oops I mean the swale 🙂 Standing water is not good for grass.

We will be starting to apply fertilizer next week weather permitting. It is still very early in the season and we want to get maximum benefit for our applications. There is frost in the ground and so much so that Elimra golf course can not start up their irrigation system, because the irrigation lines are still frozen.

We will not be applying any weed control until mid-May, temperature permitting, unless we are seeding this spring. There are not enough weeds present to warrant applications, and the number of growing degree days for maximum effect is many weeks away. Timing is critical for the best control. This is link is from Cornell University in upper New York state.


If a University doesn’t recommend weed control with synthetic pesticides that are far more effective, why would a north company be applying more time sensitive bio-pesticides? I was shocked to see several local companies applying fertilizer and weed control last week. Clearly they have no respect for the environment and their clients money.

At Apex Lawn Services, we do things right the first time…on time.

Have a great week!!!