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Week in review…May 11, 2015

Whoa…What is up with the weather? Unbelievable that the tree came into full leaf in one week and the weeds popped so quickly. We have not had an appreciable rain since the frost left the ground 4 weeks ago. Further, 5 weeks ago there was snow on the ground. The unseasonably warm weather has caught everyone in the industry off guard. The biggest concern we have now is the lack of moisture. We NEED rain badly.

Another amazing week with 20+ more customers on the roster and the phone keeps on ringing! We are hiring another technician this week and looks like another truck is going to be needed!

This past week on our property, we aerated the lawn, fertilized and did the first mow. There are a fair amount of weeds, but we did not apply any weed control last year at all. This coming week, we will be target spraying the weeds and possibly doing some repairs with seed.

If you have a chance get your sprinklers out and water at least 1″, or start doing a rain dance!

Have a great week!