What a week! We signed up 20+ new residential clients and three new industry partners:

John’s Nursery has been in business for longer than I can remember (since 1968) and their attention to detail and level of professionalism is felt through every conversation. I look forward to working closely with everyone there.

Another consummate professional is Keith Snider from St. Jacobs Country Gardens. Keith has been in the agriculture business for over 45 years and expanded into retail market in 2006 with construction of the the existing green house.

Both businesses provide on-site visits and will help you create the back yard of your dreams. I have no reservations on recommending either one of these businesses. They truly have your best interest in mind.

Another big welcome is for Peak Property Management. They specialize in property maintenance for commercial properties throughout the Tri-city area. Deborah is a true professional and is a pleasure to work with.

Thank you!

Now for the green stuff!!!
Last week we finally saw the turf start to grow and this week we started applying fertilizer. It is still a little early for weed control, but the count-down is on. By the end of next week we should be capable of getting the first application down.As you can see by the photos, the green up has been quite dramatic, and will be more prevalent once the rain gets the fertilizer into the soil. If you notice I have added a third photo this week. That picture is of our neighbours yard and he has manage streak his lawn with the fertilizer he used. Streaking can be avoided by:

  1. Split the application in half and cross fertilize.
  2. Overlap the passes to the middle of the last pass
  3. Use less fertilizer, but apply more frequently
  4. Use at least a 50% slow release urea based nitrogen
  5. Hire Apex Lawn Services!

Looking forward…I will be mowing this week and finishing off the last of the yard clean up. We have not had a good rain yet this spring and it is starting to get dry out. The last rain there was still frost in the ground. I hate to say it, but the sprinkler may be coming out this week. Lets pray for rain.

Have a great week!